Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wedded Bliss Wednesdays!

If you could give one piece of advice to any married (or soon-to-be married) couple, what would it be?
First and foremost--be friends!  Being in love is such an amazing thing, but I really believe that love isn't the only thing that will keep your marriage together.  You also have to like the person you're with!
Also, be sure to have the "talk" before you make the commitment of marriage.  You know, the babies, finances, religion, put-the-damn-toilet-seat-down-so-help-me-God talk, etc.  Whatever is important to you!  It would seriously suck to get a couple of months into your wedded bliss and realize that you disagree on something that one of you considers to be a deal breaker.
What is an absolute MUST for any marriage/relationship?
Talk, share, communicate.  Don't bury things emotionally--they will come out eventually and it probably won't be pretty!  
Have fun with each other.  I firmly believe in the saying "the couple who plays together stays together."
Life gets so busy that it can be easy to fall into a rut of go to work, have dinner, clean the house, sleep, repeat.  Don't forget to do something enjoyable together every so often!
What is the #1 no-no in a marriage?
Again, keeping things inside that need to be talked about.  If something bothers you today, it will most certainly still bother you a week from now when you explode about it!
Sarcasm.  The best way to get me seriously angry is to make a sarcastic comment in the middle of a disagreement.  It's insensitive, hurtful, and childish (and I certainly can't say I'm completely innocent of it).

What is the biggest lesson you have learned from your marriage?
Well, apparently I'm stubborn.  I would have never described myself that way until I got married and was offered some pretty convincing examples.  I've learned that marriage is a great way to reflect on who you are as a person.  My husband knows me better that anyone else in the world, so who better to help me realize when I need to work on something?  And, trust me, it goes both ways!
I've also learned what it feels like to be ridiculously proud of something.  My marriage is my greatest accomplishment and has really turned me into the woman I know I want to be (so cheesy!!!).
 I think this was 3 years ago. Babies!


  1. Being proud of your marriage, YES! It is some HARD work, you bet I'm proud of that shit at the end of the day! Ha! And if John and I weren't friends I wouldn't have any friends that live by me so that would be depressing.. so I also agree on the point. Well said friend, well said!

  2. I know I'm guilty of the whole "keeping it in" thing. This whole marriage thing is tough but it SO rewarding!

  3. Newest follower here! I found you through the Sunday link up! Cute blog, I can’t wait to read more!

  4. marriage is something to be proud of!!! That's awesome! And being friends is really important I love that I get to go to bed with my best friend every night. He knows me best and I love spending time with him!