Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wedded Bliss Style

What is your husband's style?

I just asked my husband what to say in response to this question, and his response was "Just say I don't have any."  I didn't say it!

When Scott and I started dating, I was a bit concerned.  He picked me up for our first date wearing a multicolored striped polo buttoned ALL the way up, a beaded necklace, cargo shorts (those were fine), and those weird looking brown man sandals that hook in the back of the ankel.  Bad.  And, yes, I still remember over 5 years later.

Since then, he's taken my advice in the fashion department..for the most part.  He now knows that sweatpants are not acceptable for holiday gatherings, that you should not wear a Budweiser T-shirt to the office, even if there is no dress code, etc. 

So, basically, his style is what I ask him to wear.  Again--he'll say the same thing!  I'm seriously not that much of a controlling bitch.

Jeans/shorts and a t-shirt is his every day wear.  He'll throw in a polo or a button down when he's feeling extra fancy.

What is your LEAST favorite piece(s) of his wardrobe? 

Don't even get me started on this one..

What would you love for your man to wear?

Dark wash, fitted jeans (I just bought him some and he claims he'll wear them...we'll see)
Something other than tennis shoes
Non-Cosby sweaters (He gets too hot)
Well-tailored suits
Those are my top four..

BUT I love him for who he is. I also love how much of an effort he makes for me, because let's be honest, he could literally care less.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Social and T-Gives Update

Sunday Social

It's been awhile since I've linked up for Sunday Social, so I thought I'd jump back in this week!

1. Name 4 jobs you’ve had in your life: Waitress, Prep Chef, Corporate Chef, Personal Chef/Caterer.  Apparently I like food?

2. Name 4 movies you would watch over and over: Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music, any Harry Potter, and Pride and Prejudice.  So many more than that!

3. Name 4 places you have lived: Grand Rapids, Dewitt, East Lansing, and Long Island.

4. Name 4 of your favorite foods: Scallops, Pasta, anything Thai, and Pizza.

5. Name 4 things you always carry with you: iPhone, Chapstick, Wallet, and Gum.

 6. Name 4 places you have been on vacation: My top 4 are Paris, Austria, Maui, and New York.

 Forgive the photo dump, but I wanted to give you an update on my Holiday weekend!  Enjoy :)

Made this yummy sweet onion tart with goat cheese.

Made my first apple pie of the season.

Ate some awesome food--thanks Mom!

Went to visit my honey at the tree farm (his 10th year working there on weekends!)  Bella loved it.

Bella was kind of over the photos at this point..

Went out with some friends.

Watched Home Alone, drank wine, and decorated.

 Not pictured--waking up in the middle of the night for my first Black Friday shopping experience with my sisters in law!  The whole morning was a blur, but I found it strangely enjoyable.

I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was as wonderful as mine!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wedded Bliss Wednesdays-Thankfulness!

In the spirit of the holiday, let's talk about what I'm most thankful for in my marriage! 

Where to begin?

I'm thankful for the possibilities.  We talk about our future and our retirement dreams a lot and the fact that we get to work towards and share these things together is amazing.

I'm thankful for the constant support and unconditional love.
I'm thankful for how hard he is willing to work to make sure his family is taken care of.

I'm thankful for the possibility of having children in the future because I know he'll be such an amazing father.

I'm thankful for the amount of trust in our relationship.  In 4 years, my trust in him has never been shaken.  I truly believe a relationship without trust isn't a relationship at all.

I could most likely go on for about 3 hours, but I'll keep it short and sweet :)

I hope everyone has a beautiful Thanksgiving.  Eat lots and enjoy!

Monday, November 19, 2012

The week I went without sleep

The past week of my life has been, in a word, ridiculous.  Until yesterday, I literally felt like I didn't stop for 6 days straight.
I feel so blessed to not only have a job, but to be self employed, but holy cow, things got crazy!

Monday and Tuesday were spent at my "other" job as a corporate chef.  We had a big meeting with some fancy buyers all day Tuesday, so it basically consisted of 2 meals, and 20 display plates.  A couple of long days, but well worth it!

Wednesday-Friday was spent in Chicago conducting store trainings for a new croissant product we have in Meijer stores.  The trainings themselves went a bit less than smoothly, but it was an excuse to go into the city for dinner one night!  And my mom was able to tag along.

 At dinner at one of our favorite Chicago spots, Le Colonial

 This was just the appetizer.  It was a Vietnamese free form mushroom and chicken ravioli with ginger and basil.  Yum!

In three days, I kid you not, we ate nothing but Asian and Mexican inspired cuisine.  Apparently we don't have enough of that when we're not in Chicago?  

 I made it home on Friday afternoon and got to work prepping for a wedding I catered on Saturday.  It was a small reception at the church with just desserts, coffee, and tea, but still a lot of work!

 They requested a small, simple cutting cake.  For the record, I am NOT a cake decorator.  So I was very upfront about the homemade look they could expect.  I think it turned out cute though!

 I ended up prepping until 1 in the morning on Friday and worked 8:00am-7:00pm Saturday, so by the time Sunday rolled around, I was ready for some relaxation!

For fun, I made a healthy batch of granola to replace my obsession with cereal.

And finally for dinner, we had homemade BBQ chicken pizza topped with arugula salad.  Yum!

Looking forward to reading about everyone's Thanksgiving celebrations :)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

WBW-Daddy talk

It's no secret that I absolutely cannot wait to have kids.  We've agreed that it's in our/our future children's best interest to wait a few years.  You know, paying off that pesky student debt.  And of course, allowing our fur baby, Bella to enjoy her spoiled, only child status for a while longer.  You decide which of those reasons is the actual priority. 

1. What will be your husband's best trait as a father?

"Don't marry a man unless you'd be proud to have a son exactly like him." 

I think my husband is the kindest, best man I know and I know he'll be the most amazing example to our children.
I think the fact that he's kind of an overgrown child himself helps too.  He'll be wonderful about finding the fine line between playmate and parent.
2. What will be your husband's favorite thing to do with the kids?

Play!  Also, he's very passionate about sports, so I think he'll love if he can pass down that passion to at least one of our kids.  I think of him taking our kids to their first Tiger's/MSU football game, and I actually think that will be the proudest day of his life.
3. How will your husband help out with the kids?

We've had this talk and I know raising our kids will be a team effort.  I know we won't always agree about everything, but coming off as a united front is going to be so important for us.
4. What do you hope your children learn from their dad?

How important it is to be a hard worker.  I've never met someone who works so hard to provide for his loved ones and I really hope that quality will be passed down to our kids.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pleading guilty.


I have officially earned the worst blogger award.  I have to admit, the craziness of life has seriously caught up with me.  I'm hoping a few updates on life lately will be consolation!

This was a fun night of experimental cooking.  I made a citrus-maple glazed chicken breast, caramelized brussels sprouts, and herb infused parsnip puree.


In this house, we love Thai, Chinese, etc.  I'm always searching for ways to have all the flavor of my favorite dishes without all the calories.  This one (inspired by a Pinterest recipe, but spruced up so it's "my own") was a baked sweet and sour chicken dish with brown rice and asian vegetables.  So good!


And, in honor of Sunday-funday, I squeezed some fresh pomegranate and lemon juice and made myself a little vodka martini :)  Using fresh squeezed juice really makes a difference in the flavor!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week.  I'll be working a Chicago for a few days, so I will most certainly be dining out--expect some photos when I return!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Wedded Bliss Wednesdays

1. When you were a child what did you imagine YOUR Prince Charming to be like?
Sensitive, kind, supportive, and someone who looks like this:

2. Does you husband match your prediction as a child?
No, I did not marry Heath Ledger.  But Scott is certainly the kind and supportive man I always hoped for!  Not to mention extremely handsome :)

3. What about when you were a teenager and knew it all about love, does you relationship 
match that scenario you had during those rebel years? 
Well, I didn't really date as a teenager.  I had "flings" here and there, but never anything serious.  I like to think I was holding out for the real thing, and I certainly found it!

4. What love movie would you best match your relationship to? Why?

I met my husband when I went to buy a Christmas tree at the farm where he was working.  We started e-mailing back and forth, ended up at the same college, dated for awhile, broke up, and ended up back together a year later.
As cheesy as it sounds, I truly believe we were meant to meet each other and end up together, so I guess a movie about fate and destiny represents our relationship pretty well!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Social- Catching up

Sunday Social

This Weeks Questions: Catch us up with your life
What is currently on your wish list? 

A new bed/bedding, a winter coat, and this purse:

               Share a new iphone, droid, ipad app you have recently discovered that we all need:

     I'm not great with apps...I use all the ones that are already well known--Instagram is my personal favorite.

 What is a new Fall TV show you have added to your DVR? 

SO many!  We love fall TV in this house.  Homeland, The Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy, Once Upon a Time, Revenge...this list goes on.
Share your Social Media links for us to follow you on(pinterest, twitter, facebook, etc) Tell us which is your favorite and why?

Instagram-- jfoley7911

I'd say Pinterest is my favorite.  It just kind of sucks you in!

What is a TV show or Movie or Song you could listen to or watch over and over and over and never get tired of…feel free to name one of each: 

TV show would be One Tree Hill.  Can't help it.  Movie is Mary Poppins.  My all time favorite.  Song is probably Bach's Cello Suite 100.  Classical music is the only kind that I will never get sick of.