Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wedded Bliss Style

What is your husband's style?

I just asked my husband what to say in response to this question, and his response was "Just say I don't have any."  I didn't say it!

When Scott and I started dating, I was a bit concerned.  He picked me up for our first date wearing a multicolored striped polo buttoned ALL the way up, a beaded necklace, cargo shorts (those were fine), and those weird looking brown man sandals that hook in the back of the ankel.  Bad.  And, yes, I still remember over 5 years later.

Since then, he's taken my advice in the fashion department..for the most part.  He now knows that sweatpants are not acceptable for holiday gatherings, that you should not wear a Budweiser T-shirt to the office, even if there is no dress code, etc. 

So, basically, his style is what I ask him to wear.  Again--he'll say the same thing!  I'm seriously not that much of a controlling bitch.

Jeans/shorts and a t-shirt is his every day wear.  He'll throw in a polo or a button down when he's feeling extra fancy.

What is your LEAST favorite piece(s) of his wardrobe? 

Don't even get me started on this one..

What would you love for your man to wear?

Dark wash, fitted jeans (I just bought him some and he claims he'll wear them...we'll see)
Something other than tennis shoes
Non-Cosby sweaters (He gets too hot)
Well-tailored suits
Those are my top four..

BUT I love him for who he is. I also love how much of an effort he makes for me, because let's be honest, he could literally care less.


  1. This is funny!

    My husband's style is a footlocker t-shirt with the pocket and basketball shorts. If I see him in anything else I would be shocked.

  2. Seems like our husbands have the same style! I love his response, too! :)

  3. ahhahahahaha that tee shirt is hilarious! I know exactly how you feel, seeing as Ben used to be obsessed with his old faded, nasty Mt. Dew shirt! He doesn't even drink Mt. Dew!!!!

    1. He threatened to wear it under his tux on our wedding day. Men!

  4. That shirt is AWESOME... NOT!!! I see why you don't like it :)

    Men I swear, what would they do without us?!?

    -New follower!

  5. This made me laugh so much.
    I sympathize with the first date thing.
    My now husband wore a black short sleeve shirt (it was freeezzzzinggg out), worn out trainers and trousers made ENTIRELY of pockets. Believe me they went in the bin the first time it was okay for me to tell him how bad they were. Which was like the next day haha.

    Love this!

    (PS, found you on the ILMY blog hop and id love this post if it was mine too! haha Following!)

    Shauna xx

  6. Hi Jen, just found you from the blog hop. :) Your blog is so cute! I love the way you talk about loving your hubby so intensely and about his man sandals! lol Im glad he is easy going for you and has allowed you to help him in the style department. I am pretty sure most men are clueless with fashions ins and outs! Cant wait to follow along with your beautiful blog. :)