Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Social and T-Gives Update

Sunday Social

It's been awhile since I've linked up for Sunday Social, so I thought I'd jump back in this week!

1. Name 4 jobs you’ve had in your life: Waitress, Prep Chef, Corporate Chef, Personal Chef/Caterer.  Apparently I like food?

2. Name 4 movies you would watch over and over: Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music, any Harry Potter, and Pride and Prejudice.  So many more than that!

3. Name 4 places you have lived: Grand Rapids, Dewitt, East Lansing, and Long Island.

4. Name 4 of your favorite foods: Scallops, Pasta, anything Thai, and Pizza.

5. Name 4 things you always carry with you: iPhone, Chapstick, Wallet, and Gum.

 6. Name 4 places you have been on vacation: My top 4 are Paris, Austria, Maui, and New York.

 Forgive the photo dump, but I wanted to give you an update on my Holiday weekend!  Enjoy :)

Made this yummy sweet onion tart with goat cheese.

Made my first apple pie of the season.

Ate some awesome food--thanks Mom!

Went to visit my honey at the tree farm (his 10th year working there on weekends!)  Bella loved it.

Bella was kind of over the photos at this point..

Went out with some friends.

Watched Home Alone, drank wine, and decorated.

 Not pictured--waking up in the middle of the night for my first Black Friday shopping experience with my sisters in law!  The whole morning was a blur, but I found it strangely enjoyable.

I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was as wonderful as mine!


  1. Thanks for visiting and following my blog! I'm a new follower of yours! I LOVE scallops too! YUM!! It looks like you had a great Thanksgiving weekend!

  2. love your movie choices and your food choices. I guess because those are the movies we have and the food we eat!!
    looks fun at your place, with the happy smiles!!!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.