Friday, September 28, 2012

Random Phobia of the Day.

For about 6 hours today I am sitting at my dad's house while new carpet is installed.  Leave it to my genius father to schedule this while he's on vacation--hence, me being here.  Aren't  I sweet?  I have a kind of embarrassing confession to make...I have a serious issue with "service people".  Plumbers, electricians, cable guys, etc. make me extremely uncomfortable.  I know how irrational it is, but when I have to be home while one of these gentlemen is in my house, I panic a little.

Apparently I'm a nut case.

This carpet installer man is actually not stressing me out so much.  He seems fine.  I'd put my anxiety level at a very manageable 5...

How about some Friday Faves via Pinterest?  Great!

How to bake cakes flat!  Genius.

Salted caramel and chocolate shortbread cookies. Yumm.

I mean, no words are necessary, right?

I feel like if I had this I would read 24/7.

I'm currently in the "crave soup constantly" season.  Love making it too!

This kitchen is beautiful!

I've been trying to explain to my husband why Louboutins are so amazing...

I really really really love my wedding ring and would never replace it.  But this would be okay for an anniversary gift.  Just saying..

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  1. I really love the little window seat, I would definitely read more if I had that too!
    Also, I don't think your fear of "service people" is irrational. I mean I definitely have the same fear, because they are basically strangers, and especially when I'm alone, it's like I'm just this little person, please don't hurt me. Lol

    1. I'm glad to hear I'm not the only person who gets nervous about it :)

  2. Hi, just wanted to stop by and say THANKS for stopping by and joining in with Lovin' the Weekend Blog Hops! I am now following your blog and have subscribed to your emails. You have some great posts. I love the Pinterest finds in the older post with the Horcrux shirt and Molly Weasly. Have I found another Harry Potter fan?
    Have to say I love that window seat and the kitchen! And those cookies look yummy.

    Have a great weekend

  3. What a lovely post! I am your newest follower form the blog hop! xx

  4. I'm not a fan of home repair guys either--but I'm grateful that they know how to fix stuff that we can't!
    And that rose gold ring is gorgeous! My wedding band and engagement ring are white gold, since that's all in style and stuff, but I did get an extra "wedding band" to go on the other side as a college graduation gift, and that one's rose gold. I love the look!

  5. LOVE YOUR BLOG! The window nook, the louboutins, the little sperry's. A girl after my own heart! You're writing is fantastic too. Keep it up :)