Friday, September 14, 2012

College football and dead squirrels

Dear Friday,
Thanks for being here!  As much as I love you every week, you're even sexier this week because you are one day away from Saturday, and therefore, one day away from SPARTAN FOOTBALL!!!

Dear Scott's Uncle Jim,
Thank you for making the decision years ago to train Zeke the Wonder Dog (MSU's halftime show).  Not only do I get to claim that I'm "related to Zeke" by marriage.  Sure, it's a dog>human relation, but it still counts in my book!  I also love your season tickets that you don't always use, thus providing us with great 2nd row seats for tomorrow night's game.
Dear Scott,
I'm sorry for getting legitimately angry with you for beating me 3 times in a row in Sequence the other night.  I blame it 30% on being very proud of my Sequence skills, 60% on the bottle of wine I had enjoyed, and 10% on that fact that I am in fact a little bit cray cray.
Dear Bella,
Thank you for the lovely early morning wake up you give me every day reminding me that it's breakfast time.  I'm sure I would forget to feed and walk you if you didn't start wining at me at 6:30am, so thanks!  Also, thank you for double checking my gag reflexes by picking up that half-decomposed squirrel on our walk and carrying it with you for about 2 minutes.  That was just great!  But seriously, you're adorable and I love you.
Dear Followers you expect posts about food,
I have been struggling with that lately.  Honestly, I've been so busy worrying about the rest of life, that I haven't actually had time to think about a clever food post.  That being said, my intention has never been to write a blog that was all food, all the time.  However, I do promise a wonderful post in the next week.  Maybe even one that includes a tasty recipe!
Have a happy weekend!