Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Social. Throwback time!

Sunday Social

1. What were you like in Middle School/HS?(pictures)
I don't even want to talk about middle school.  Let's just say it was my "awkward" phase.  I was a bit overweight.  I actually think I've burned 90% of the photos I had of my middle school years.  Yeah, not good.
In high school, I began to come in to my own.  I had several different groups of friends, which made life so fun.  
I was in theater and choir (I know, dork) and I absolutely LOVED both.  Singing is one of the things I miss most about my teenage years.  I'll never stop being proud of those times. 

Choir days.

Before one of the musicals.
Yes, we went to HP movie premiers looking like this.

Best friends since diapers.

Closest high school friends in our pre-college wear.

4 of my closest girl friends.  Just making sure everyone recognizes Kay from Life After...

Loved getting pretty for school dances!

I loved my high school football and basketball seasons!  Go Rams!

 2.  What were your favorite past times?
The simple times.  I just remember feeling so blessed to have such wonderful friends and thinking there was no way we'd ever grow apart.  It's kind of sad how life happens.
We laughed a lot.  I'm still a happy person and do laugh all the time, but now it's "adult laughter".  I miss being a goofy kid.  I look back on my teenage years and can't help but giggle when I think about how serious we all thought it was! 
And, of course, gel pens, trapper keepers, roll on glitter eye shadow/blush/perfume, etc.
3. What songs were you obsessed with?(Backstreet Boys anyone?)
I was the queen of music phases.  I went through a Good Charlotte phase, of course a boy band phase, even a punk rock phase (I'd like to forget that one).  I've never lost my love for show tunes and classical music.
4. What fashion statement do you look back on and cringe?
Again, my punk rock phase.  We're talking black streaks and bows in my hair, Fender t-shirts (I do not play guitar), converse, etc.  Yeah, pretty bad.
5. Who was your celeb crush?
Orlando Bloom.  I was actually unnaturally obsessed.

Yeah, he's still sexy.
 6. What were your favorite tv shows/movies?
The OC!  My friends and I used to have OC nights almost every week.  I wanted to be Summer so badly.  That, and Laguna Beach of course!