Friday, August 10, 2012

Rainy days and souffles

After a ridiculously dry summer here in Michigan, we're finally experiencing a few days of some serious rain.  My lawn and garden are so happy!
As much as I love a good beach day, sometimes a rainy day is welcomed as an excuse to relax in my sweats, read, and do a little baking.
Today I decided to do something I haven't done since culinary school--make sweet souffles!  They didn't even turn out half bad :)

The ramekins must be well coated with melted butter and sugar--it keeps the batter from sticking to the sides so the souffles will rise properly.  As a bonus--it also gives the souffle a delicious caramelized sugar crust.

All souffles, sweet or savory, are made up of an egg yolk base (in this case, it's flavored with vanilla and cinnamon) and whipped egg whites for leavening.

The base and the egg whites are folded together- very carefully!  If you aren't gentle with your folding, the egg whites may collapse and the souffle won't rise properly.  Fill the sugared ramekins with the mixture and run a knife along the outer edge of the batter to allow the sides to release and rise more easily.

They bake at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes.  Make sure the ramekins are right in the middle of the oven and do not peek!  If cold air is allowed into the oven, it will cause the souffle to collapse.  Just use your oven light if you need to see if it's finished. 
I served these dusted with confectioners sugar and topped with a sliced strawberry.  They'd also be delicious drizzled with creme anglaise. 
Serve them quickly.  The longer they sit at room temperature, the less height they'll have.

Souffles are perfect desserts to serve to a small dinner party.  They're elegant and impressive.  They do take practice and patience, but once you get it, you've got it!  Bon Appetit!

Everyone have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Looks so delicious! Wish I had your mad skills on our rainy day too!

  2. These look amazing!
    Thanks for the detailed instructions

  3. Wow- that looks perfect! Thanks for linking up with us at Wonderful Food Wednesday!

    Jessica @ At Home Take 2