Monday, July 2, 2012

Try everything once

The most common question I seem to get is, "When did you realize you wanted to be a chef?".  
The answer, which I am really not very proud of, is, "I actually have no idea".
I have vague memories of being somewhere around the age of 16, and at that awkward stage of thinking I would be a fashion designer, singer/actress, teacher, doctor, or lawyer.  Don't we all go through some version of that stage?  We either want to be a billion different things or can't seem to pick one livelihood to satisfy us. 
However it happened, one day it hit me that I was going to go to culinary school, open a restaurant in Chicago or New York, and be a 100-hour-a-week grease monkey.

I wish I had a better story--that some profound event in my life pointed me down the path of culinary arts.  Truth be told, I just really love food.
My Mother raised me that way.  Her rule was "Try everything once" and I always have.  

After graduating high school, I spent two great, but misled, years at Michigan State before realizing that it wasn't for me.  MSU gave me two fun years, introduced me to my now-husband, and sent me to New York for an internship when I was 19.  I'll never regret the time I spent there--I actually cherish it.  When it was said and done, I ended up back in Grand Rapids at the Secchia Institute for Culinary Education.

I spent a whirlwind 2 more years learning everything about food and the food business I could cram into my mind.  I also moved in with Scott, eventually got engaged, and got married (all while I was still a student).  Marriage and the prospect of having a family in the next few years definitely made me change my priorities for the better.  My dream of owning a restaurant quickly morphed into a dream of owning a personal chef and catering service--which I have achieved! 

I haven't lost you yet, right?

At this moment, I am building my new business, working as a part-time corporate chef, and starting work on yet another goal--to write and publish a cookbook.

This blog is meant to document my journey as a chef.  But don't be shocked to see posts about style, travel, organization, and my many other loves. 

If any of you (is anyone even reading this?) have suggestions or tips on posting topics--let me know.  I'd love to hear them!

Until next time.


  1. Will you ever post recipes?? Or does a chef never reveal her secrets? :)

  2. What a great start to your culinary journey! I'm so happy to share it with you. Congratulations on getting your first restaurant review posted - should be online today at! Love, Mom