Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Facts.

Whitney over at I Wore Yoga Pants decided to do a one-day only "about me" link-up so I thought I'd hop on the bandwagon :)

I physically cannot go to movies
Not sure when this mental block began, but I literally can't handle it.  The second my seat gets kicked, a couple starts to whisper, or the mouth breather to my right starts chewing his popcorn, I lose it.  I've never considered myself a person with anxiety, but this is as close to an anxiety attack as I can imagine.  I know, I need therapy.
I do not go out in public without a shower/makeup
I am pretty confident in the way I look, but I have a seriously case of "fat-girl brain."  It stems from, you guessed it, a less than attractive childhood.  I seriously assume everyone I come across judges me instantly.  Again, kind of a nut job.
My dog is my best friend
Okay, not literally.  I do have a human best friend and my husband is of course my best friend, but she's definitely 3rd on the list.  I'm obsessed with her.

And she likes to spoon me, so I guess that means the feeling is mutual.  She also knows about my issues with not wearing makeup, which clearly describes why she blocked my face from the camera view.  Thanks, girl.

I have an alcoholic beverage mostly every day

No, I am most certainly not an alcoholic.  I just really enjoy a glass of wine or three at the end of the day.  Who's with me?

My dream job is to be Giada de Laurentiis
Ask my husband- it's a full-blown girl crush.  I adore this woman.  A cute female chef with a cooking show, a retail line, and multiple cookbook deals.  And a beautiful home on the ocean.  I might be getting borderline creepy with this one.

I mean, come on, home girl has got it made.
I believe in soul mates
I always kind of have.  Being with my husband has 100% confirmed this for me personally.

Sometimes I fantasize about selling our house, getting on a plane, and just leaving
Not alone, of course.  Scott and I have chatted about this on multiple occasions.  Unfortunately, we have that pesky little thing called responsibility.  And our families, of course.  So, the plan is to get up and go closer to retirement age.

Italian Villa, anyone?

I hate snow
Yup, I've lived in Michigan my whole life.  My disdain has grown for it more every year since I've begun driving.  It's horrifying.  Just give me 6 months of summer and 6 months of fall with maybe a light dusting for a week around Christmas and I'll be one happy little lady.






  1. This is awesome.
    I agree with the snow 110%
    I am SO with you on just getting up and going. Why must retirement be so far away???
    Wait. Some people don't have a drink a day?
    Hmm. So THAT'S why I function so much better than everyone else! ;)
    And Giada is gorgeous. She's just so..pretty. But not the I hate you for pretty, pretty. Unfortunately haha.

    1. Not going to lie, while I was writing this, I kept thinking, "Is nobody going to agree with any of this and just think I'm a huge psycho?" So, thanks for your comment. I feel better :)

  2. I used to have a drink every day. Hubs and I cut back to 4 days a week for our diets but...I'm with you.

  3. Totally agree with the snow and cold weather...especially this morning when I saw I had to walk to work in 8 degree weather. I wish I could just move Chicago to the West coast!

  4. Loved your facts, gorgeous!!
    I'm all for a glass of wine each day. Indefinitely!

  5. awesome facts! The snow pics cracked me up, so true! :)

  6. Love your blog! I absolutely hate when people kick my chair in the movies. It drives me crazy! And on an airplane. The worst. I have an alcoholic beverage almost every day too! Gotta have my wine. Newest follower here :)

  7. I usually have 1 drink when I get off work and another with dinner. not so bad, right?