Thursday, March 7, 2013


When I say pizza is my favorite food, I'm not talking the Americanized version.  Don't get me wrong, I do love a good Pizza Hut every so often.
I'm talking good, authentic, Italian pizza.
The other night, I made a fresh dough, grilled it, and topped it with herbs and cheese.
So easy and delicious!

I started by making a classic pizza dough with yeast, flour, salt, olive oil, and water. (Pick your favorite dough and follow the directions).  It may be time consuming, but it's simple and so worth it!

Next, I made an herb oil, grated some mozzarella and parmesan cheese, and sauteed some of my favorite veggies.

When the dough was properly risen and rested, I stretched the dough (I like an artisan look to my crust so I don't get too concerned about the shape) and dusted it with cornmeal.

Next, light your grill-propane or charcoal will work.  Just make sure it's very hot before adding the crush.
Adding the crust to the grill is kind of's very difficult to work with.
I had to ask my husband come out and help me :/

Allow the crust to cook until there are grill marks on one side.  Use a pair of tongs to flip the crust (if you used enough cornmeal and allowed it to cook fully, it should be very easy to flip.)
Quickly brush it with the oil and top with cheese and toppings.
Next, close the lid and allow the cheese to melt for a few minutes.
 When it's finished, transfer the pizza to a board and chop it into pieces.

The trick here is to not add too many toppings.  If you do, the crust will be weighed down and soggy.  The crunch of this crust is the best part.  Seriously.  Make it now.



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