Friday, February 8, 2013

What pet moms and real moms can agree upon

Mind you, I am not a real mom yet, so this is really just speculation.
Tonight, I dropped my puppy off at my Dad's house before we leave for Mexico tomorrow morning.  The most I've ever been away from her is about 4 days, and let me tell you, it was pretty rough.
But, seriously, we dropped her off tonight and don't pick her up until NEXT Sunday.  9 nights!  9!

Adding to the tragedy, my Dad wasn't at home when I brought her over, so I had to leave her in her kennel alone until he got home.
Those of you who still possess a touch of sanity are most likely thinking, "It's a dog.  She's fine."  And you would be correct.  I logically realize she's going to be fine and have fun hanging out with Aunt Sadie and Aunt Molly (because, yes, my Mom and Dad's dogs are most certainly related to her), but I can't help but go through my guilt when I leave her.

"Does she hate me?"  "Will she forget all about me?"  "Will she contract some incurable dog disease and die while I'm away?"
I don't even want to know how neurotic I'll get about leaving my real life human children when they exist.
At least I can admit I'm a nut job.
As if this stress isn't enough, this cute little "Nemo Blizzard" out east is making me super paranoid about our flight.  Thankfully, we're going West, so here's hoping none of our flights are coming in from the East Coast.  If you in the blogging world wouldn't mind sending us some positive thoughts for a safe and efficient travel day, it'd be much appreciated.
See you next week!


  1. I think about leaving my (11 month old) little girl for an extended period sometime in the future and just the thought of it really makes me a nervous wreck!!!! I can totally relate to this!

    And by the way, furry babies always count!

  2. I absolutely agree! We love our fur babies and do not have any real babies so all of my over-protectiveness goes straight to them. When we went to Alaska a couple of years ago, we had to leave them for almost 3 weeks and every dog I saw while on vacation made my heart hurt! haha.

  3. Awww you are so sweet to love your pup so much! And I completely 100% feel the same way! It's always so hard to leave our "babies"!!!

  4. I am NUT with my pets. I feel guilty sometimes just leaving the house to go to work or to the store...LOL. Yeah, I totally get attached to my "babies". But that is what makes us such great Cat and Dog Mommies :) You are not Nuts, you are a totally awesome pet Momma :)

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