Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A busy blogger is still a bad blogger

I have been so, so bad.  And I have actually had real, up at night guilt about it.  I thought the last 2 weeks were going to be low-stress, smooth sailing, pre-vacation awesomeness.  Then, my career decided to take off.
Okay, not literally, but kind of.  I've been so busy and it's been amazing, but I have allowed the content of this blog to suffer, so please forgive me for that!
Yes, I really did drop in just to apologize to anyone who actually reads this thing.  
Our much anticipated trip to Mexico (I know, shut up already) is next week and I have every intention of actually posting something worth reading between now and then!
But, as I am in the middle of one last pre-Mexico wait loss cleanse and therefore can't have any alcohol until Saturday--kill me now---I really have nothing witty to say.
Enjoy the remainder of your hump day.
Don't hate me.

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