Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wedded Bliss Wednesdays

If money were not an object, what would you buy your husband for Christmas this year?

There are so many things I wish I could get for him.  He's really not materialistic at all, so everything he "wants" are actually really necessary.  I think I'd get him a new car for sure.  He's driving my old SUV that I drove in high school just so I could drive our newer car.  Seriously the sweetest man in the world.
  I'm leaning towards these:

2013 Ford Explorer

2013 Ford Edge

And if money seriously wasn't an object..this one :)

And, of course, I'd love to take him to Italy!


  1. I said I would buy Ben a new car too! Except, he would die for a Ford Mustang! lol, so sensible I know.

  2. John is IN LOVE with the new Explorers.. yours could be Usher Part II! hahaha