Friday, December 14, 2012

MORE Exciting Than Christmas!

GREAT news.  My husband and I have officially booked a mid-winter trip to Mexico!
Come February, we'll be enjoying the all inclusive life here:


If you could die of excitement, I think I might.

That being said, this calls for an 8-week diet and exercise program!  Boo.
My goal is to get to my wedding weight, which was only 7 pounds ago.  

Yeah, this thin-armed chick.  I miss her.

I know it doesn't seem like much, but A) I have limited time and B) I carry 7 lbs pretty obviously...
So far, I'm 3 days in and have worked out every day.  Good start, right?

I'm also focusing really closely on my diet.  Generally, I eat pretty healthy, but I'm trying to get SERIOUS about it.
I've been starting with my amaze Greek yogurt and fresh fruit breakfast shake.  

For lunch, I try to keep it high-protein and low cal.  This was today's creation.  I even subbed out the mayo in the chicken salad with Greek yogurt.  It's fat free, high-protein, and I promise you don't miss the extra calories!

Finally, I'm letting my love for list-making take over and am planning out dinners in advance for the next 8 weeks, which means my husband gets to go on a forced diet!

I have also taken before photos, which I have no intention of posting unless my after pictures are just that impressive.  But don't count on it :) 


  1. Lucky girl, that's going to be amazing!! & good luck on your diet , you can do it! :)

    1. Thank you-I just want chocolate chip pancakes so badly! :)

  2. That all looks stunningly delicious!!

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